How to improve your reading skills :

  • Find something to read! It doesn’t have to be a book; you can practice on newspaper articles, magazines, internet articles, children’s books or even the famous cereal box! Find a text appropriate for your reading level, not necessarily for your age.


  • Borrow books from the library / friends or buy cheap books at the dollar store or the Salvation Army stores. Reading doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby.


  • If your text is accompanied by illustrations/pictures, use them to anticipate what the text is about. Use your general life experience to relate to the text.


  • Reread the parts you found difficult; use the dictionary to understand the key words; sometimes the context can help you understand the meaning of a word.


  • Know why you are reading: for fun, to understand the main idea or to understand details and answer comprehension questions.


  • Don’t worry if you don’t understand every single word; you’re not supposed to. Try not to translate all the words when you read, but to identify key words and sentence structures.


  • Read every day.