How to improve your listening skills :

  • Use any opportunity you have to listen and watch in English; English can be heard everywhere! Try TV shows, movies, radio programs, music, podcasts or even real life conversations.


  • To improve your comprehension, watch in English with English subtitles.


  • Try to find English speakers and talk to them… in English! Look for them at home, in your group of friends, at school (what about your English teacher?), at work, at your gym… or when you travel.


  • Listen to the same video several times and try to have fun doing it. Choose a topic that interests you. Listen first to get the main idea (what is the video about? Can you summarize it in a few sentences?); second, what are the key words? (They will probably be repeated or explained in the video); third, listen to check your comprehension (details, the who, what, when, where, how, why questions); last, you can listen again to practise the pronunciation of certain words.


  • Don’t panic if you don’t understand or remember every single word. You’re not supposed to, unless it’s a memory test…


  • Borrow books +CDs from the library to read while listening.


  • Listen to songs in English and read the lyrics; you can sing along to practice pronunciation.


  • Use the context to clarify the meaning of a new word.


  • When you talk to people, pay attention to their body language, intonation, facial expression. Ask them to repeat if you don’t understand what they are saying.