How to improve your grammar:

  • Make sure you have a solid grammar base (for example, you know the main verb tenses, how to form the plural of the nouns, the pronoun forms, article use, etc.)


  • When you are in class, pay attention to the teacher’s explanations and corrections; ask questions and learn how to use all the resources available (grammar books, dictionary, grammar posters, verb lists, etc.)


  • Practise writing your own sentences. Gradually increase the difficulty level of your written texts, trying to put in practice what you have learned.


  • When you read or listen in English, try to identify the grammar structures you have studied.


  • Speak in English and use the structures you have studied.


  • French and English have some grammar structures in common, but others are different. That’s why translating word-by-word doesn’t always work!


  • Identify your weaknesses and common mistakes and try to work on them.


  • When you read or listen in English, pay attention to grammar you see or hear. It’s important to not only understand the meaning, but also to identify, for example, subject and verb.


  • Translate from your mother tongue. Ask yourself, “How would I say this in English?”